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Masdima Pro Pax

€89 per aircraft/mo. (*1)

€119 per aircraft/mo. (*1)

€119 per aircraft/mo. (*1) +
€1 per capacity/flight/mo. (*2)

Disruption Management:

Common features

Automatic Event Detection

Aircraft and flight related
Aircraft and flight related
Crew related
Aircraft and flight related
Crew related
Passenger related

Aircraft Dimension

Crew Dimension

Basic rule set
Basic recovery actions
Basic + Standard rule set
Basic + Standard recovery actions
Connection Airline Rules Engine
Basic + Standard recovery actions

Passenger Dimension

What-if Scenarios

Flight Tracking:

Operations Monitoring:





Analytics and Reports:

Windows Cloud Azure Hosting



(*1) A minimum monthly value can apply to cover hosting and integration work - (*2) Capacity = number of passenger seats of all aircraft - All values without taxes.

Am I going to be tied to a contract?

A one month contract, minimum, payed in advanced, that includes the service level agreement (SLA) for the support. Includes 2nd level user support as well as corrective maintenance & evolutive releases according our roadmap.

Can I upgrade at a later date?

Yes, upgrades to a higher level of subscription are available at any time. It might take around one week for the new features to be available.

How do I cancel my contract?

Just send us an email or use our contact form. The cancellation will be effective at the end of the current month. Until then, you can use the features as normal.

Hosting options

We provide Windows Cloud Azure hosting, with standard fault tolerance provided by Azure. More advanced options are available, including hosting for different environments (Test, Quality), but those options are not included in the above subscription packages. Regarding performance, we also provided an acceptable level of performance (by our terms) in these subscriptions. Other options are available but are not included in the above subscription packages.

Which integrations/feeds are needed?

For all subscription packages we need feeds/data regarding Flight Schedule, Aircraft Maintenance Planning, Aircraft and Airports Restrictions, Movement Messages and ACARS, Slots, Flight Plan, Loadsheets, Aircraft and Fleet Data, Crew Data and Roster. Operational Cost (cost fuel per liter, handling cost per airport, perdiem cost per day, salary costs, etc) are also necessary. For Masdima Pro Pax we also need feeds regarding Passenger List per flight, bookings and inventory as well as costs regarding hotel per location, meals costs, etc. In all subscriptions it is included the integration work between Masdima Layer of Services (ATIS) and the Airline Services/Feeds. It is also included the import of aircraft data and operational costs. It is not included any work related with implementing any layer of application services/feeds around the existing airline systems. We can provide this service. If you wish, we can provide this service at an extra cost.

What-if scenarios available

Aircraft on ground (AOG), airport closure, flight delay (on departure and/or on arrival) and flight cancellations.

Aircraft rules and recovery actions

Typical rules and times, include, among others: rotation times, aircraft restrictions, curfews.
Recovery actions include: aircraft swaps, use spare and/or reserve aircraft, delay of flights and cancellations.
Other recovery actions are part of our product roadmap and will be available soon and included in the subscription packages.

Passenger rules and recovery actions

Includes connection times matrix per airport, rules regarding compensations, hotel and meals assignment.
Recovery actions include: re-accommodate pax (including in other airlines flights).
Other recovery actions, like, delay connecting flights to wait for pax and re-accommodate in other means of transportation (bus, trains, etc) are part of our product roadmap and will be available soon and included in the subscription packages.

Crew rules and recovery actions

Basic rule set includes only minimum connection times/rotation time for crew per airport. Basic recovery actions include only recovering by using crew on reserve/stand by.
Standard rule set includes basic rules plus, basic day, week, month and annual work hours limit. Standard recovery actions include previous ones plus swap crew members, use day-off/vacation crew.
Advanced rule set includes previous ones and allows to connect to the airline crew management rules engine, for a full validation of crew recovery actions.
A rules engine and other recovery actions are part of our product roadmap and will be available soon and included in the subscription packages.

What our users say

  • Allows me to take better decisions!
    Survey at TAP Air Portugal (Feb 2020)
  • Allows me to see information in real-time!
    Survey at TAP Air Portugal (Feb 2020)
  • All the information I need in one place!
    Survey at TAP Air Portugal (Feb 2020)
  • Allows me to make my tasks faster!
    Survey at TAP Air Portugal (Feb 2020)

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