Case Study: Proof-of-Concept with a Reference Middle East Airline

Case Study: Proof-of-Concept with a Reference Middle East Airline

During three weeks the Integrated Operations Control Center (IOCC) users, have performed a proof-of-concept (PoC) of Masdima using the What-if features, to test several scenarios.
For example: one or more Aircraft on Ground (AOG), Airport Closure and one or more Flight Departure and/or Arrival Delays.

Masdima was setup to perform the impact assessment and propose integrated solutions, for the following three dimensions: Flight/Aircraft, Crew members of all impacted flights and Passengers of all impacted flights.

The IOCC users performed the test having their current system and processes side-by-side with Masdima, so that the scenarios used were as real as possible. The main results were:

  • Departure delay: 30% of the total of flights recovered the delay completely (zero minutes of departure delay) and 19% recovered partially the delay.
  • Flight Costs Savings: when compared with the costs of disruptions a total of 36.3% of savings were achieved.

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Exploratory Analysis of the Scenarios Tested By the Users

The users inserted 67 events resulting in 62 problems to be solved, that had an impact in 184 flights, 2416 crew members and 25122 passengers. Has it is possible to see from this graph, 50% of problems had a root cause related with maintenance causes, 21% airport related and 16% rotational related.


On the following graphs we have an idea of the size of the problems that were solved and its relation with the root causes. For example, the problems with maintenance root causes affected 93 flights, 1347 crew members and 15665 passengers. The airport related ones, affected 41 flights, 316 crew members and 3797 passengers.



In terms of delays the scenarios tested had delays between 5500 minutes (3 days and 19 hours) and 250 minutes (2 hours and 10 minutes).

Results – Impact Assessment and Problem Resolution Time Performance

On average, Masdima took 6 seconds to perform the impact assessment and 65 seconds to achieve a solution to a problem. These are awesome results!!

Results – Delays

On the delays we also had excellent results: Masdima was able to recovery totally the departure delay (i.e., zero departure delay) for 30% of the affected flights. In 19% of the affected flights, part of the departure delay was recovered. So, in 49% of the flights, Masdima was able to reduce totally or partially the departure delay.

Has its is possible to see from this graph, the disruptions had a total of 107783 minutes of delay and Masdima recovered 54% of it.


Results – Costs

On the flight costs side, the total schedule costs were 706412 m.u, and the disruptions costs 14619381 m.u. Masdima saved 36.3% of the disrupted costs, i.e., 5355153 m.u.

In terms of average costs and savings per flight, has it is possible to see from this graph the average cost savings per flight were 33056 m.u., 36.6% of savings per flight.