Your airline is unique. So it should be your operations system.
It’s your revenue, your costs, your aircraft, your crew and passengers and not your competitors.
Masdima will be delivered with your unique requirements, not your competitors’.

Masdima is a distributed solution designed to be easily integrated with other systems. No need to replace them.

To manage operations as a set of silos with a monolithic software solution, does not work anymore.
You have different departments with different goals, but all work for the common goal of making your business a success.
You need tools to increase collaboration, maximize your individual goals and reach the best global deal.

Masdima Core & API

The brain of our solution. Works behind the scenes and represents the different airline services and departments: Schedule, Aircraft, Crew, Passengers, MRO, Cargo.  All, one or any combination of the above. In the cloud or in your premises plus an API, so that you can
Overcoming Disruptions in an Intelligent Way

Masdima Real-time Ops

Our front-end for real-time operations. Flight tracking, operations monitoring, disruption management, analytics and other features. It is a web-based front-end, ready for mobile devices due to its responsive user interface.
For a Full List of the Features Provided check this link

Masdima Pax Solution & Self-IROPS

Passenger lifetime value (LTV) and satisfaction are two crucial components of our products. An app (that can be integrated in the airline app) allows the passengers to negotiate with the airline, the best option when faced with a missed connection.
All this Without Human Intervention on the Airline Side


Masdima Tail Assigment

Assign or re-assign tails to your flights, considering operational restrictions and maintenance. Improve aircraft utilization and other criteria you want. Do it monthly, daily or in any other time window you prefer.
A Quantum Computing Solution Will Be Available Soon